Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal is an independent tribunal which hears and decides appeals from final decisions of the Workers' Compensation Board.

To learn more about what we do, visit the About the Tribunal section.

Notre formulaire « Demande d'appel » et notre brochure « Comment faire appel » sont maintenant offerts en français.

Who can appeal?

  • a worker
  • a deceased worker's dependant
  • a deceased worker's estate
  • an employer wishing to challenge a compensation decision
  • an employer wishing to challenge an assessment decision

Before appealing to the Tribunal, you must go through the internal appeals process at the Board and receive a final decision of a hearing officer. Read more about the process in the Appeals Section, or download the Notice of Appeal form (PDF) (French version).  Completed forms should be returned to the Tribunal with a copy of the hearing officer's decision.